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Do You Sell on Shopify?

Allow Your Customers to Order Through Text Message

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Increase Sales Through SMS

Increase Your Revenue by up to 20%

TXTFi opens up a completely new revenue stream for your business. Captures your reorders via automated text messages.

Up and Running in 15 Minutes

Our Shopify app allows for one-click integration. Be up and running within 15 minutes. No developer needed; no changes to your site.

No Sales Team Needed

No agents needed to manage these conversations. TXTFi handles everything automatically through AI. Set it and forget it.

Nothing Could Be Easier

Get started today for a new revenue stream in 15 minutes

Mobile First

Consumers are constantly on-the-go. Text ordering makes it simple, quick, easy for them and you.

Fully Automated

TXTFi Bot fully interacts with your customer—entirely automated, no guidance or supervision needed.


Automatically check in with unresponsive customers; allows customers the ability to set follow ups.


Order Multiple Products

TXTFi Bot can easily handle one or multiple products in an order.

Targeted Messages

Automatically suppress based on inventory, subscriptions, opt-outs.

Easy Checkout

TXTFi uses your native Shopify checkout, pre-filling all details. Customers just confirm payment.

Our Pricing

Start a new revenue stream for free today

(Shopify & Shopify Plus)
  • Forever Free
  • $0.05/message
  • $10 Free Message Credits
  • *500 Conversations/Month
(Shopify & Shopify Plus)
  • 60 Days Free
  • $0.03-$0.07/message
  • $20 Free Message Credits
  • *1000 Conversations/Month
(Shopify & Shopify Plus)
  • 60 Days Free
  • $0.03-$0.07/message
  • $20 Free Message Credits
  • *Unlimited Conversations
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Great support, innovative new source of orders for us, quick setup and no changes to our website's code... What more can you ask for in an app!


We saw some bigger companies using this type of platform so we didn't think it was affordable, but TXTFi was. They helped us set everything up...

Best Price Nutrition

The app is easy to use and set up, and the service is fantastic. Had a few questions and they were able to get back to me ASAP

Shore Magic