Have questions? Here’s what some of our customers have asked about the most.

How does this whole thing work?

Here’s the secret: Setting up TxtFi is beyond simple. All that extra revenue for 15 minutes of work. Here’s what you do: Connect our Shopify app to your existing website. Configure the products you want sold and reordered via text. TxtFi will gently remind your customers on your set frequency via SMS. Your customers will then order as they see fit.

Where can we use your product?

Right now, we only support Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants. Not on Shopify? Additional platforms will be added in the near future. Can’t wait? We also offer custom integration for enterprise merchants. Contact us to learn more. 

Where are my customers placing their orders?

The actual order is generated and processed as normal. The customer simply creates their cart via SMS. Once they finish, they’ll get a link from TxtFi that allows them to go to your current checkout page. Enter payment, hit complete and a new order has just been placed. 

Should I scrap all my marketing now?

Nope. TxtFi is complementary to your existing market efforts. TxtFi caters to a specific group of customers that many merchants overlook: Repeat customers. TxtFi simply creates a new revenue stream for your product. Not bad!

How much are you going to know about me?

We’re easy. We do access your order and customer records, but this is only for the purpose of generating and sending the text messages. We don’t store any personal contact data. The only thing we store is cell phone numbers and that’s just to send the text messages.  

My product isn’t re-ordered frequently. What should I do?

Stay tuned. While our current focus is on consumables, we do intend on opening up the TxtFi platform for all products.

Can I see data from the texts?

We have tons of reporting available. And you have the ability to see the actual conversations. So you can learn how your customers interact with your brand. And you can apply those learnings across your organization. Better yet—more reporting is being added with every release.  

Do consumers have to do anything?

Not really. During normal checkout flow, merchants ask for customer cell phone numbers. All the consumer has to do is check out that they consent to receiving messages. 

Okay, this whole AI thing is confusing. What if the bot doesn’t understand what the customer is saying?

It’s possible our bot doesn’t understand what’s being written. But through our machine-learning process, the system learns based on usage. So any time a bot receives a ‘non-defined’ message, it gets processed and the bot learns what it means. The more messages the bot gets, the better it is.

What if I have a question or need help?

We got you! We have a support desk. The average response time is about two hours.

What have businesses who are using TxtFi said about their experience?

So far, so good! Most of our customers were very engaged in the beginning of the process, wanting to make sure their customers accepted this new medium. Once they saw that customers adapted quickly, they watched the orders flow in. Not bad, huh?

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