How a sushi lunch laid the foundation for a new—and better—way of doing business


  • TxtFi is an AI-driven, text message-based reordering application
  • Launched in 2020 by two entrepreneurs, TxtFi will help businesses of all sizes meet customers where they are—right on their phone
  • Skip email and social where messages get lost and ignored
  • Tap into a new revenue stream
  • Set it and forget it implementation

The Set Up

The idea for a new paradigm in conversational commerce came about, naturally, over a conversation. During a sushi lunch in Manhattan, Jordan Braha and Rafael Chemtob, two entrepreneurs who had been working together in various capacities over the last five years, bounced around ideas. All of them centered around this concept: using text messaging to increase ordering and sales.

It makes sense: we all live on our phones. Just look at your weekly usage report (it can be a little scary). And because we already use our phones to order so many things, why can’t companies of all sizes leverage text messaging to have their customers easily re-order their product?

It’s called TxtFi. This is what it does:

  • Re-orders via text message. Powered by AI
  • Solves the problem of getting second and third orders. Reach customers directly, instead of getting lost in spam email boxes or in the social megaphone
  • Sets up in minutes via Shopify. Easy customization. No explanation or changes for customers
  • Gives customer flexibility if they don’t want to commit to major subscriptions

Text Your Problems Away

Customer loyalty is decreasing. That’s bad—especially because it accounts for some 30% of a brand’s revenue.

What customers need most in exchange for their loyalty is convenience. Plenty of businesses offer convenience. But with email open rates declining to a paltry 13.9% open rate in 2019, consumers simply don’t know the ways in which businesses are making their orders more convenient. E-commerce brands have to adapt to consumer behavior, but too many of them simply lack the tools to leverage messaging to increase sales.

That’s where text messaging comes in. TxtFi has found a 29% customer engagement rate with companies using TxtFi. That’s a 50% increase over email. TxtFi has also found that there’s a 2-7% conversion rate, which is a 100% increase over email.

Text messaging is where your consumer lives. It’s a high-visibility, high-interaction platform. And since fewer companies are using it, your message will stand out even more. 

We check our phones around 150 times a day. With TxtFi, your message won’t get lost in spam or amid thousands of similar emails. Instead, it will go right in front of the user, offering better conversation rates. We’re bringing your re-orders directly where people are looking.

Here’s how it works:

  • TxtFi uses artificial intelligence to reach your consumers where they are
  • AI can sound intimidating, but you’re already interacting with it every day. According to Gartner, 85% of all customer interactions are projected to be without a human by the end of 2020. And essentially, all AI is doing is getting a computer to mimic human behavior
  • Input your parameters, customize it to your company’s needs. Our system takes care of the rest by conversing with your customers directly

How Your Company Will Benefit

It can be difficult to get second and third orders from customers. So many email systems send your message directly to spam. The megaphone of social media is nearly impossible to tame. TxtFi changes that, getting your information right in front of the user. With one tap, a re-order is now on the way. 

Simply getting your message in front of consumers can lead to major results:

  • New stream of revenue. You can keep all your existing marketing and sales efforts. TxtFi is a simple, cost-effective way to add more revenue
  • Set it and forget it. All you need is a few minutes and you can start earning additional, meaningful revenue, without much oversight or intervention. Just watch the results fly in
  • You’re communicating with them in real-time, so you’ll see what your customers are thinking and how they view your product. TxtFi gives you access to all conversations, so you can leverage these customer learnings across all platforms
  • You’re giving customers a chance to order on their own terms. Some customers feel intimidated by subscription products, especially if it’s something new. This gives them an easy way to order it once. You can nudge them when their supply is up, and they’ll have the option to continue to do it piecemeal or subscribe all at once

Converse with customers. Set up a new line of revenue in just a few clicks. Learn from your users. Earn more business.

The future of ordering is already here. TxtFi is allowing you to easily leverage it.

Not a bad outcome for a sushi lunch.

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