Add TXTFi to your current marketing—SMS or otherwise—and watch orders grow

You are likely spending a lot of money on your marketing efforts. You’re trying to be versatile. You have your messages on television, radio, print, social media, email—the possibilities are endless.

But despite the volume of messages, and the reach it can have, you find yourself at a loss. Why aren’t more customers buying my product?

For all the marketing you have, it doesn’t always lead to conversions. After all, you can’t buy your product on the radio.

That’s where TXTFi comes in. It’s not marketing. It’s conversational commerce. That’s a fancy way of saying the following:

  • TXTFi drives conversions by interacting with the user 
  • TXTFi builds the order through text messaging and sets up the order
  • TXTFi is an automated, set-and-forget way to get more orders out of your current customer base

That’s the key. You are spending money on acquiring more customers, which is important for your long-term business health. But you have to nurture your current customers as well.

TXTFi gives you a no-contact way of doing that. Just set it up once and TXTFi will communicate with current customers for you and ensure they continue to re-order. 

Here’s another thing to think of: there are plenty of companies that can text your customer base. Why do I need another one?

  • It’s not just another text message company. TXTFi is about ordering, not about marketing
  • Other companies seek to recruit new users; TXTFi seeks to convert them
  • Keep your current text message company for marketing purposes. Use TXTFi to drive sales

Think of TXTFi as the ultimate companion. It supports everything you do. All the marketing to raise awareness of your brand? TXTFi makes sure that those customers actually buy your product. All the work you do in trying to retain customers? TXTFi makes sure they know when it’s time to re-order, then does it for them.

That’s added value and all it takes is a few minutes of set up.

This is how commerce should work.

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