You want more orders? Learn how to leverage the TXTFi service to win repeat business time and time again.


  • Phones are ubiquitous. Even more so? The use of text messaging
  • Reach customers where they are by having them re-order via text messaging
  • Easily remind customers that their product is up for renewal
  • Not marketing, re-ordering
  • TXTFi is about results, not just brand awareness

Take out your phone. Find your way to the screen that shows your phone usage. Take a deep breath. Take another. Then look.

Is it horrifying? Probably. If you’re like us, the answer is clear: We use our phones a lot. (This writer spends an average of six hours and 25 minutes using the phone. Try to beat it!)

We all try to do digital detoxes every once in awhile, try to be present with the world. But let’s be honest: We’re always on our phones.


  • Nearly a third of millennials around the world check their phones every five minutes. That doesn’t include getting an alert or notification. They’re literally checking their phones every five minutes
  • The top usage on phones: messaging
  • According to research by AT&T, 85% of people prefer text messages from businesses over emails and calls

What does this mean for you as a business owner? It means that you need to be reaching consumers on their phones. More than that—you need to be reaching them in their messages. Even more important: You need to convert them into paying customers. TXTFi is not just marketing. It gets customers to buy your product by interacting with your brand in real-time.

But how do you best reach them on their phones? How do you get them to actually buy your product? Many users belong to multiple social media networks; they follow thousands of accounts. It’s impossible to stand out. Email is harder—consumers are bombarded with companies and spam. 

Change it up—reach consumers where they are with a tool that helps them re-order via conversations. Consumers prefer text messages anyway, and that’s what they’re mostly using their phones for. Use that to your advantage to drive conversions. Use that to boost re-orders.

But you have things to do, a business to run. It’s hard to individually text every user, hard to personalize it. The more customers you have, the harder it is to make it personal.

That’s why you need an automated system. That’s what TXTFi is, and it’s what we do on a daily basis. It automatically personalizes your messaging based on what the consumer has already ordered. You set the parameters, TXTFi does the rest.

And this leads to more customers. Consider what might usually happen:

  • Customer orders your product
  • Customer runs out of product
  • Customer doesn’t get re-order message
  • Customer doesn’t re-order

Now consider how it will go with TXTFi:

  • Customer orders your product
  • Customer runs out of product
  • Customer gets personalized text message from TXTFi about re-ordering
  • Customer interacts with your brand via an SMS conversation and re-orders your product—right from within the text message
  • Customer runs out of product
  • Customer gets personalized text message from TXTFi about re-ordering

You see where that’s going.

Here’s where TXTFi is different. It’s one thing to reach your customer on their phone. Scores of companies do that. And it’s not enough to provide a call to action. You don’t need a call for action. You need action, plain and simple. You need buyers.

TXTFi is active: It actively engages with your customer and places the order for them. It’s convenient—they just have to answer a few questions. It takes a minute. It gives them a pre-filled link. It does everything. They just have to say yes. And your product is so good anyway, so why wouldn’t they?

This is a unique ordering tool that drives conversions, a way for your customers to interact with your brand, not simply read messages about it.

Get results. Don’t just become another message your consumer can ignore. 

That’s the TXTFi difference.

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