Why Text Message Commerce is the New—and Improved—Email


  • When you need re-orders, TXTFi can be a more effective tool than email, driving sales and avoiding spam folders with targeted, personalized, actionable texts

Check your email inbox. Navigate to the spam folder. You’ll notice there’s a lot of emails from companies, offering products. It may be from companies that you like, or that you shop from frequently. And yet, it’s ending up in your spam folder where you’ll almost assuredly never see it.

Why is that? One out of every five emails, roughly, go to spam. And that’s influenced by emails you click on (or don’t). 

Say you subscribed to an email newsletter for a company. Their emails come in, but you don’t open them. You get so many, anyways, so you skip over it. Eventually, your email provider will recognize that you don’t open the message and send it to spam. Then you’ll really never open it.

If you’re a business, that’s a worrying trend. Email open rates declined from 14.98% in FY 2018 to 13.9% in FY 2019. 

And maybe open rates are declining for this reason: Email just tells you about something you can do. You have to go through multiple steps and jump through a few hoops to actually accomplish that. 

And when you’re looking for re-orders from your customers, that’s not ideal. For re-orders, email may not be the best solution.

Text messaging, though, is a better and more effective medium. Consider what TXTFi has found: a 29% engagement rate for text messaging, which is a 50% increase over email. Also, there’s been a 2-7% conversion rate, which is an astounding 100-500% increase over email.

It’s simple: TXTFi is a better way to get customers to order.

It makes sense: TXTFi asks for the sale, and the texts are targeted based on need. TXTFi saves time, because convenience is driving the product. This is about action, about converting users and re-ordering right within the message. Email can’t do that.

If you’re struggling with re-orders—or even if you’re not—you owe it to your business to consider a new, better method.

Think of it this way: Email has many wonderful purposes, including for your marketing efforts. It can alert users to sales, new products, and can also help direct customers to your site, where they can browse and learn more about your brand.

But when you’re looking to increase your orders, email may not be the best tool.

Instead, use a product that’s designed for exactly that purpose.

That’s why we created a different, better tool. TXTFi is built for commerce and re-orders.

Make it easier for your customers with convenience-based ordering. You’ll end up making things better for your company. 

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