It may seem odd to text with your customer. You’re so used to texting with friends and family.

But today, texting with your business is a must. And TXTFi does that better and more effectively than any other company.

The numbers are startling.

  • 64% of consumers believe that businesses should use texting to interact with customers more often than they do now
  • 74% report an improved overall impression of businesses that interact with them via text
  • CIO Today found that 64% of people would prefer text messaging over phone calls when it comes to customer service. In addition, they found that 77% of people between the ages of 18-34  have a better perception of a company that texts
  • 39% of businesses are already interacting with consumers via text

The point: Not only would customers prefer to text, but they’re also already receiving them from businesses. You can’t be behind the curve.

But it’s one thing to text people. It’s quite another to do it right. 

You don’t want to just be another voice of advertisement. People can go anywhere for that.

You want to be unique. Different. Offer something no else does.

That’s what TXTFi does. We are the only company that allows consumers to re-order your products right within the text message. It’s no wonder we’ve found a 29% engagement rate and a 2-7% conversion rate, both light years ahead of email. 

Consumers haven’t seen anything like this. But because they’re used to texting with companies, it won’t be jaw-dropping. Rather, they’ll be pleasantly surprised that they don’t have to leave the message to place their order.

This is convenience, fit for the modern world. 

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