You know that you need more time in the day. TXTFi is a tool that can help give you back more time—and make you more money.

One study found that some executives are spending 10 hours or less per week with customers, with meetings and email taking up the majority of the day.

Less time with customers could mean less revenue. It means less time finding new ones and less time nurturing existing ones.

What if you had a tool that could bring some automation into your day? And what if that automation brought an entirely new revenue stream?

That’s what TXTFi does. After a quick setup, it automatically finds customers who are in need of re-ordering your product. It then does everything else for you—reaches out to the customers, places the order right from within the message and sends a customized link directly to a pre-filled cart. 

This gives you back time you didn’t think you had. TXTFi is set and forget, so you can focus on your other tasks. You’ll just watch as TXTFi helps drive revenue in an entirely novel way.

So while TXTFi runs in the background, you are freed up to spend more time in your day. More time to answer emails, schedule meetings. Better yet, more time to think strategically, plan for the future, reach out to more customers and, maybe, take a well-deserved re-charge.

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