• COVID-19 accelerated the change to buying online
  • Consumers expect ease-of-use, easy re-ordering and ordering on their schedule
  • TXTFi is engineered to meet the moment, allowing you to experience innovation—and increased revenue—in the e-commerce space

The world has changed over the last few months—in too many ways to count.

But one of the areas most impacted has been e-commerce. With stores across all industries closed, so many things—essential or otherwise—have turned online.

Think for a second: How much time have you spent on Amazon looking for disinfecting wipes? (By our accounts, it’s a lot.) How much time have you spent refreshing your grocery order to get a spot for delivery? What have you bought online that you used to buy in stores?

The world is changing and we don’t know what it will look like at the end of all this. But one thing is for sure: If we already ordered online a lot before the pandemic, then the permanent changes in society will only increase online ordering.

Think about the following stats, recorded by BigCommerce:

Increases in online orders:

  • 7.2% in food and beverage
  • 18.9% in gifts
  • 14.3% in apparel
  • 8.4% in home and garden

In general, they also found the following:

  • E-commerce sales are up 25%
  • U.S. online orders increased by 56%
  • Subscription service revenue is up nearly 200%

Commonthread Collective has been tracking e-commerce data since the start of the pandemic and has found:

  • Online e-commerce revenue is up 91.74%

The New York Times found that online sales rose 38% YOY in April. Nielsen has found that consumers are focusing on health-minded buying, stockpiling items and making preparations for fewer in-store visits. 

What does all this mean?

Consumer behavior has changed. It now involves: more online ordering, more subscription products. 

That’s a major opportunity for retailers, but it comes with new expectations:

  • A top-notch experience
  • Built in value with recurring subscriptions and easy re-ordering 
  • Flexibility

Any retailer needs to be able to be able to offer these. But where do you start?

You don’t need to rely on patchwork services to get you there. You don’t need to build something from scratch or hire additional people.

As e-commerce is changing, there is now a tool that will allow you to meet all your consumers expectations and set you up for success in the post-COVID e-commerce economy.

Meet TXTFi.

A top notch experience? Check. TXTFi is the only mobile e-commerce solution that allows customers to place their orders right within the text message.

Built-in value with recurring subscriptions and easy re-ordering? Check. Make any product a recurring one, as TXTFi automatically notifies customers when it’s time to order a new supply. All the customer has to do is say how much they want.

Flexibility? Check. The customer can choose to order right there—or not. They choose when to re-order. 

This has never been offered before. Within the text ordering. Built for re-orders. Based on the customer’s schedule. 

All with one-click installation, and no changes to your site or checkout.

TXTFi is on the cutting edge of how consumers will operate, both now and in when the pandemic is ended. And TXTFi is bringing innovation to the table by letting consumers order right within the message.

It’s a new world. Habits have been changed forever.

As business owners, it’s imperative to be ahead of those changes.

Unlock more revenue. Offer what your customers want and are expecting.

Meet the moment. See what the new era of commerce is like—only with TXTFi. 

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