The pandemic has led to a rise in the use of e-commerce.

In May, according to a report from Adobe, $82.5 billion was spent online. That’a a 77.8% increase over May 2019. Even more amazing? That’s more than what’s typically spent during the holidays.

This isn’t a pandemic-only trend. Adobe believes it’s permanent because this trend has stayed in place with states that have reopened.

Why go to the store if you don’t have to? Who doesn’t love right-to-your-door convenience? Adobe thinks that the pandemic sped up the adoption of e-commerce by four to six years

So if e-commerce sales are through the roof and that’s here to stay, is your company ready? Are you able to take advantage of this shift in consumer behavior?

With TXTFi, you will be.

TXTFi is built for e-commerce, because it allows your customers to reorder your products right within a text message. 

You’ll have an easier way to not only reach your customers, but also convert them into buyers, again and again.

Customers are ready to buy online. Think about how so many stores have transitioned to curbside pickup, all in an effort to make things easier for their customers.

That’s why TXTFi does—make online ordering even easier for your customers.

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