You’ve heard it tossed around as a buzzword countless times—machine learning. 

It’s a big topic and can get quite complex. But what you need to know is this: machine learning uses algorithms to analyze data, has the algorithm learn from it, and then makes decisions based on it. In other words, a machine—a computer—is trained on data, and then can learn how to perform the task.

This is not I, Robot—you see machine learning in action when Netflix offers a recommendation. 

And now, you can see it how it applies to your business. Because TXTFi uses machine learning to improve its offerings.

Think about it this way: TXTFi’s algorithm gets better the more you use it. That means it learns how consumers respond so that it can provide better answers to them. Better responses, better conversion rates, more revenue. 

Don’t be scared off by machine learning. Embrace it—with TXTFi. 

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