If you’re like us, you’ve relied a lot on Amazon and its Prime offerings during the pandemic. (If you’re like us, maybe a little too much.)

In addition to getting goods faster, you’re also used to subscribing for products and getting them on a set schedule. Maybe you have detergent set to come every month, or tissues, or even bottled water.

If you’re used to that sort of regularity with your purchases, think about how your customers use that service. They’re “primed” for recurring subscriptions.

TXTFi works as a great complement to subscriptions. It sits side-by-side, helping you to catch customers who can’t or won’t subscribe, or to help move products that don’t quite work as subscriptions. It’s another way that TXTFi allows you to secure additional revenue. 

You don’t have to be a conglomerate to offer convenience to your customers.

You just need TXTFi. 

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