If you have an online business, you may have this number memorized.


According to research, that’s the average shopping cart abandonment rate.


You’ve likely been quite frustrated by the amount of products just left in the shopping cart, tantalizingly close to being bought.

What if you could just ignore that number and solve that problem in a different way?

How do you do it? By changing the paradigm.

Instead of waiting for consumers go put products in the cart and then hoping the finish the process, you can instead reach out to them directly when the product is up for reordering and ensure they finish the checkout process by giving them a pre-filled link to buy.

This is what happens with TXTFi. It looks like this:

This is an example of the TXTFi Bot in action. It reaches out directly to the consumer when it’s time to order. It asks for how much of the product they want. And then it sends them directly to the checkout page.

No abandoning carts, because TXTFi brings them to the finish line.

Forget that 68.81% figure. That’s over.

Remember this number: 20%. That’s how much TXTFi can increase sales.

That’s something we can get behind.

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