If you’re a business owner, you’ve thought a lot about how to communicate best with your customers.

It’s why many businesses are starting to utilize text messaging.

But up until now, text messaging has often been used for promotions. For marketing. You may have gotten many messages like this one:

These have some value. If I needed something from that store, I would certainly use the coupon. But I don’t, at least not now. So it gets ignored.

But there’s a better way. Imagine that I’ve bought a product from Bed Bath & Beyond (which I have).

What if instead of hoping I might want something and enticing me with a coupon, I got a targeted, personalized message that let me buy the product in the text message.

That’s what a conversation with TXTFi looks like. It knows that I ordered a product recently, and even better, that I might need more. It asks a few simple questions and then sends me a pre-filled form to checkout.

There’s no more hoping, no more guessing, no more wishing.

This is targeted action to better interact with your consumer.

This is how mobile commerce should work.

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