I don’t know about you, but when I get a text message from a small business, they usually come in one of a few forms:

  • Appointment reminder (Helpful)
  • Notification of upcoming sales (Depends on the timing)
  • Asking to fill out a survey (Annoying)

You know what I don’t get from any business, let alone a small one?

The ability to order the product I want in the text message.

Times are tough. Consumers want to support small businesses. One survey found that 75% of consumers will shop at small businesses more often, because of the pandemic.

But you’re also not going to see folks dropping dollars without thought. Quite frankly, they’re going to support businesses they know, or businesses that impress them.

To grow your customer base during this time, you need to impress people.

Giving them something they’ve never seen before is likely to do the trick.

TXTFi is that stand-out feature. It’s the only app on the marketplace that allows customers to re-order your product from within a text message. That added simplicity is perfect for these times.

Keep your current customers happy. Find new ones with new tools that will make their already crazy lives just a little simpler.

This is the power of mobile commerce, done right.

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