The world has changed in 2020—in too many ways to count.

But one of the areas most impacted has been e-commerce. With stores across all industries closed, so many things—essential or otherwise—have turned online.

Think for a second: How much time have you spent on Amazon looking for disinfecting wipes? (By our accounts, it’s a lot.) How much time have you spent refreshing your grocery order to get a spot for delivery? What have you bought online that you used to buy in stores?

The world is changing and we don’t know what it will look like at the end of all this. But one thing is for sure: If we already ordered online a lot before the pandemic, then the permanent changes in society will only increase online ordering.

Consumer behavior has changed. It now involves: more online ordering, more consumable products.

It’s a major opportunity for retailers. And it also provides major challenges.

What have you done to respond to these new paradigms in 2020? And what will you do in 2021

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