TXTFi has been making life easier for e-commerce companies, offering a new automated, text-message-based ordering channel for their customers. This tool allows e-commerce companies to better target repeat customers and increase their revenue by up to 20%.

In an effort to continually make life easier for both merchants and customers, TXTFi is now offering an integration with Gorgias, the e-commerce customer service platform.

When enabled, the integration will allow TXTFi to create SMS tickets within Gorgias. When agents respond to the ticket within the Gorgias interface, responses will be sent over to the same number that the initial message came from. This allows for a seamless side by side conversation with the customer, while also allowing automated (artificial intelligence) SMS-based ordering.

Support can be triggered in two ways. A customer can text in a preferred word to begin texting with a live agent. Second, if a customer is interacting with the TXTFi bot and runs into some difficulty, they can automatically be connected with a live agent through Gorgias.

With this integration, customers will be able to access ordering and customer service through the same number, enabling a seamless customer experience throughout. 

Read more about the integration on the Gorgias site.

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