Text with Your Customers Now

Are you texting your customers? If not, what are you waiting for? So many companies are already texting. In fact, 64% of consumers, according to one study, believe that businesses should use texting to interact with customers more than they … Read More

How to Text Your Customers

An absurd 82% of texts are read within five minutes, as opposed to only 25% of emails being opened at all. Some 47% of people prefer to text businesses over their friends and family. (Sorry, grandma.) And 58% of people … Read MoreRead More

The Changing World of E-Commerce

The world has changed in 2020—in too many ways to count. But one of the areas most impacted has been e-commerce. With stores across all industries closed, so many things—essential or otherwise—have turned online. Think for a second: How much … Read MoreRead More

Text Message Marketing for Small Business: Go Next Level with Ordering

I don’t know about you, but when I get a text message from a small business, they usually come in one of a few forms: Appointment reminder (Helpful) Notification of upcoming sales (Depends on the timing) Asking to fill out … Read MoreRead More

SMS for Business: Tips to See Big Results

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Targeted Reordering: Stop Waiting On Your Customer

If you have an online business, you may have this number memorized. 68.81% According to research, that’s the average shopping cart abandonment rate. Ouch. You’ve likely been quite frustrated by the amount of products just left in the shopping cart, … Read MoreRead More

Text Message Marketing Examples: Using SMS to Secure the Order

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What is Machine Learning: How It Can Help You

You’ve heard it tossed around as a buzzword countless times—machine learning.  It’s a big topic and can get quite complex. But what you need to know is this: machine learning uses algorithms to analyze data, has the algorithm learn from … Read MoreRead More

Work Alongside Subscriptions with TXTFi

Companies that offer subscriptions are realizing growth during the pandemic. Wine companies that offer multiple shipments are in high demand; one tea company saw an up-to-300% increase in April.  Consumer habits have changed. People want things delivered to their door. … Read More

E-Commerce Sales Are Skyrocketing. Are You Ready to Take Advantage?

The pandemic has led to a rise in the use of e-commerce. In May, according to a report from Adobe, $82.5 billion was spent online. That’a a 77.8% increase over May 2019. Even more amazing? That’s more than what’s typically … Read MoreRead More