Text with Your Customers Now

Are you texting your customers? If not, what are you waiting for?

So many companies are already texting. In fact, 64% of consumers, according to one study, believe that businesses should use texting to interact with customers more than they do now. And 74% report an improved overall impression of businesses that interact with them via text. 

Again, what are you waiting for? Customers prefer it. And many businesses are already doing it. The longer you wait, the more behind the curve you’ll get. 

How to Text Your Customers

An absurd 82% of texts are read within five minutes, as opposed to only 25% of emails being opened at all.

Some 47% of people prefer to text businesses over their friends and family. (Sorry, grandma.) And 58% of people would think more favorable of a businesses if they could text with them.

So you need to text. That’s obvious. But how?

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The Changing World of E-Commerce

The world has changed in 2020—in too many ways to count.

But one of the areas most impacted has been e-commerce. With stores across all industries closed, so many things—essential or otherwise—have turned online.

Think for a second: How much time have you spent on Amazon looking for disinfecting wipes? (By our accounts, it’s a lot.) How much time have you spent refreshing your grocery order to get a spot for delivery? What have you bought online that you used to buy in stores?

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Text Message Marketing for Small Business: Go Next Level with Ordering

I don’t know about you, but when I get a text message from a small business, they usually come in one of a few forms:

  • Appointment reminder (Helpful)
  • Notification of upcoming sales (Depends on the timing)
  • Asking to fill out a survey (Annoying)

You know what I don’t get from any business, let alone a small one?

The ability to order the product I want in the text message.

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SMS for Business: Tips to See Big Results

Are you texting with your customers?

If you’re not, you’re making a big mistake.

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Targeted Reordering: Stop Waiting On Your Customer

If you have an online business, you may have this number memorized.


According to research, that’s the average shopping cart abandonment rate.


You’ve likely been quite frustrated by the amount of products just left in the shopping cart, tantalizingly close to being bought.

What if you could just ignore that number and solve that problem in a different way?

How do you do it? By changing the paradigm.

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Text Message Marketing Examples: Using SMS to Secure the Order

If you’re a business owner, you’ve thought a lot about how to communicate best with your customers.

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What is Machine Learning: How It Can Help You

You’ve heard it tossed around as a buzzword countless times—machine learning. 

It’s a big topic and can get quite complex. But what you need to know is this: machine learning uses algorithms to analyze data, has the algorithm learn from it, and then makes decisions based on it. In other words, a machine—a computer—is trained on data, and then can learn how to perform the task.

This is not I, Robot—you see machine learning in action when Netflix offers a recommendation. 

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Work Alongside Subscriptions with TXTFi

Companies that offer subscriptions are realizing growth during the pandemic. Wine companies that offer multiple shipments are in high demand; one tea company saw an up-to-300% increase in April. 

Consumer habits have changed. People want things delivered to their door. They want a set schedule and don’t want to have to worry about it. They want to know that something will be there when they need it. It’s comfort, adjusted for retail. 

With TXTFi, your products can stand alongside subscriptions offerings. Not every product can be sold as a subscription—and not everyone wants one, or doesn’t want to commit to one before trying a product out. 

For any product you have, just set the frequency with which you want to remind customers about re-ordering. We take care of the rest.

Customers want things faster and want things done easier.

This is what TXTFi does.

E-Commerce Sales Are Skyrocketing. Are You Ready to Take Advantage?

The pandemic has led to a rise in the use of e-commerce.

In May, according to a report from Adobe, $82.5 billion was spent online. That’a a 77.8% increase over May 2019. Even more amazing? That’s more than what’s typically spent during the holidays.

This isn’t a pandemic-only trend. Adobe believes it’s permanent because this trend has stayed in place with states that have reopened.

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